To Kill An Angel

Download MP3 [50.1 MB]

When Kelly is accidentally shot by an autistic boy she’s been secretly mentoring, Sabrina, Jill and Bosley are left to unravel the mystery and locate the missing boy before the criminals do.

Guest stars include: Robert Donner, Craig Ludwin, John Zaremba, Lee Bryant, Dennis Dimster, Danny Dayton, Michael Alldredge, Mike Robelo, Carol Jones and George Kramer.

Skip (Dennis Dimster)
Cotton candy!
Masters (Craig Ludwin) and Korbin (Robert Donner)
Love the composition of this shot in the hospital waiting room.
Sabrina (Kate Jackson) in tears
The Peanut Vendor (Danny Dayton)
Dr. Stafford (Joseph Zaremba)
Mr. Galloway
Mr. Giovanni (Mike Robelo)

Cathy (Carol Jones)

Cliff Stanton (George Kramer) and Gail Francis (Lee Bryant)

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