Lady Killer

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The Angels investigate the deaths of two centerfolds at the Feline Club owned by magazine mogul Tony Mann.

Guest stars include: Hugh O’Brian, Jan Shutan, Alan Fudge, Richard Foronjy, Bob Basso, Lory Walsh and Martha Smith.

Directed by George McCowan and Written by Sue Milburn.

Tony Mann (Hugh O'Brian) and Sabrina (Kate Jackson)
Tony Mann (Hugh O’Brian) and Sabrina (Kate Jackson)
Kelly the Crooner (Jaclyn Smith)
Kelly the Crooner (Jaclyn Smith)
Backstage Bosley (David Doyle)
Backstage Bosley (David Doyle) – I love this shot of Bosley. He looks very handsome.
Victor (Bob Basso)
Sorry, no scrubs, Victor. (Bob Basso)
Best Dressed Angel
Sabrina (Kate Jackson) might just nab the Best Dressed Angel award in this elegant ensemble. Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) is dressed for sleuthing, and Jill (Farrah Fawcett) stuns in a casual blouse and jeans.
Dave Erhart (Alan Fudge) and Paula (Jan Shutan)
Dave Erhart (Alan Fudge) and Paula (Jan Shutan)
Ball Server
Why does this shot make me laugh so much?
Kelly Bait
Kelly really doesn’t like being bait.
Case Closed
Case closed?
Jill's Pajama Ensemble
Jill’s pajama ensemble rocks.
Jill turning off lamp.
I love lamp.
Paula and Jill
Paula (Jan Shutan) looks pleased that Jill (Farrah Fawcett) has finished her sleepy tea.
Don't look at me!
“Don’t look at me!”
Case closed. Now we can celebrate.

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