Target: Angels

In Charlie's game room, Jill and Sabrina play a game of pool while Kelly plays darts.

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The Angels become their own case when they are targeted by a mysterious hitman.

Guest stars include: John Horn, Tom Selleck, Michael Bell, David Healy, John Agar, Irene Tedrow and Thayer David.

Coach Jill (Farrah Fawcett) in burnt orange t-shirt, surrounded by the kids on her team.
Coach Jill
Michael Lederman as the referee
The ref (Michael Lederman) ain’t havin’ it.
Alan (Tom Selleck) and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) meet with Jill (Farrah Fawcett) who is holding a basketball.
Alan (Tom Selleck) and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) meet Jill (Farrah Fawcett) after the game.
John Horn as the hitman in brown suede jacket, sitting expressionless, watching his slide show
The hitman (John Horn) loves his slide shows.
Jill (Farrah Fawcett) in blue sleeveless, low cut blouse; Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) in elegant silk blouse with fancy bow down front
“Your grapevine doesn’t grow fast enough, Charlie.”
Irene Tedrow as Sister Anne in full nun habit
Irene Tedrow as Sister Anne
Michael Bell as Sabrina's ex-husband Bill Duncan
Michael Bell as Sabrina’s ex-husband Bill Duncan
All three angels talking on phones, sitting various distances from the camera
The Angels would probably make amazing telemarketers.
Sabrina eyes Jill devilishly as Jill stares at the old water bottle in the foreground.
Sabrina has plans for Jill.
Bosley openly sobs at Sabrina's fake funeral, seated next to Jill, Kelly and Bill. Kelly gives him a strong look.
Bosley openly sobs at Sabrina’s fake funeral.
After the funeral, Sabrina explains things to Bill, as Jill sits in the background wearing a fabulous black suit and boots.
Y’all. Jill’s funeral outfit. Just sayin’.
John Agar as Col. Duncan with Sabrina in his nice home, his writing desk in the background and table with chessboard and framed photos in the foreground.
John Agar as Col. Duncan.
David Healy as Miles Cavendish, behind the counter in his travel agency with Sabrina leaning over the counter
David Healy as Miles Cavendish
Sabrina looks at one of the slides in Wardlow's wrecked hotel room.
Sabrina looks at one of the slides in Wardlow’s wrecked hotel room.
Sabrina lines up her pool shot. She's wearing an orange brown shirt and jeans. There are colorful pinball machines in the background.
Isn’t this such a cool shot?
Kelly driving a cab with Jill in the back seat. Kelly is wearing a cabbie hat. Jill is wearing a captain's hat. Both have horrified looks on their faces.
Kelly the Cabbie and Captain Jill
Jill sprays Bosley with a selzer bottle as Sabrina and Kelly look on with laughter.