Night of the Strangler

Bosley and the Angels discuss the case

Download mp3 [49 MB]

The Angels infiltrate the fashion industry to investigate the murder of a model strangled to death with a ragdoll.

Guest stars include: Richard Mulligan, William Beckley, Alex Henteloff, Elizabeth Robinson, Rosemary Forsyth and Dean Santoro

Jaclyn Smith as Dana Cameron
Jaclyn Smith and Richard Mulligan as Dana Cameron and Kevin St. Claire
The St. Claires
Richard Mulligan and Rosemary Forsyth as Kevin and Michelle St. Claire
Alec Witt
William Beckley as Alec Witt
Heinz and Jill
Alex Henteloff and Farrah Fawcett-Majors as Heinz Brandon and Jill Munroe
Kelly in White Bikini
The White Bikini
Bosley, Tow Truck Driver
Bosley poses as a tow truck driver
Kelly being stealthy
Kelly being stealthy
Candy (Elizabeth Robinson)
Kelly and Jill garage
Kelly and Jill in the parking garage
Sabrina and Kelly
Sabrina and Kelly watching…a film
Alec and Sabrina
Alec tries to put the moves on Sabrina
Richard Mulligan, Dean Santoro and Jaclyn Smith
Richard Mulligan, Dean Santoro and Jaclyn Smith as Kevin St. Claire, Jesse Woodman and Kelly Garrett

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